Mimers Brunn is the spring of wisdom, where one of the three roots of the world tree, the Yggdrasil maple, feeds in Norse mythology.

What do we believe in

There is a real source of wisdom available

The team of Mimers Brunn has a long and solid experience in a very competitive, international environment.

We are now ready to make that experience available.

It is very difficult for medium-sized companies to be able to access this source

We believe these companies are in an ideal position to take advantage of this accumulated experience.

We want to make our experience accessible to these companies and help them grow or face times of crisis.

Who we are

We are a team of managers with extensive international experience in different sectors of the economy.

We have held roles as general manager, financial & administration manager, commercial and operations manager in companies in sectors such as industry, consumer goods, agri-food and strategic consulting.

We have been an active part of different multinationals located in Latin American, Asian and European countries, opening new markets, integrating teams and companies, or modernizing and transforming operations.

The team

Graduated in Law from the Autonoma University of Madrid, with an MBA from the IE Business School, who has lived in Sweden, Belgium and Spain working in an international environment for more than 25 years for a Swedish multinational.

I have held roles in Financial Management, Management Control and Internal Audit, among other.

Engineer with more than 25 years of experience working for multinational and family companies in industrial and construction-related sectors. Performing functions of commercial, service and general management.

I have worked in several countries with diverse cultural environments: China, Europe, Central America and Cuba.

How we can contribute

Our value contribution is based on our accumulated experience, the functional and sectoral diversity we offer and our joint ability to provide solutions .

We want to help medium-sized companies cope with processes of international or business model transformation, especially those companies that are immersed in a growth phase.

In case of crisis, we can prepare contingency plans in collaboration with these companies, to help them stabilize and be profitable again.

Who is our target

We are mainly targeting medium-sized companies that are either undergoing a phase of growth or transformation or are looking for ways of getting out of a crisis.

We come from providing our services to large multinationals (Thyssen Krüpp, Atlas Copco, Volvo, …) and we want to make this experience of having participated in the operations and management these global entities available to smaller companies.

What do we do – Growth

We accompany the customers in their growth processes. On that journey, companies will be confronted with a series of challenges, and that’s where we can add value. Challenges such as:

Mimers Brunn

The internationalization of the business – we analyze and propose new markets, changes in the logistics chain, and organizational structure.

Mimers Brunn

Digital Transformation – we analyze the digital maturity of the company and identify the potential digitalization opportunities.

Mimers Brunn

The existence of new risks – we analyze the business processes and recommend the necessary changes to minimize or eliminate the existing risks and those that will arise with the change.

What do we do – Contingency

We help companies that are in crisis in the preparation of a Contingency Plan:

Mimers Brunn

We analyze the current situation and design the necessary steps to achieve the necessary operational, organizational, and financial stability .

Mimers Brunn

Once this stability is obtained, we define the measures to take to achieve profitability again.

Mimers Brunn

After reaching this phase, we identify the best strategy for growth.

Stages of realization


Detailed analysis of current situation.


Definition of the next steps to take, according to the diagnosis and the company’s vision.


Implementation of the agreed actions, including an action plan defining responsible and deadlines.


Review after 6/12 months of the action plan together with the customer.

Our services


Detailed analysis of the internal processes of the company. Finding their suitability to potential present and future risks.


Participation in Boards of Directors for medium-sized enterprises that do not yet have their own Board set-up.


Analysis of the company’s market situation, and a plan on how to successfully address the challenges arising from a growth process.


Performance for a limited time of an executive position in the client’s company to execute the agreed action plan.


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